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Real Estate Video Tours for Instant SEO Results

Video has definitely opened up a very compelling opportunity for real estate sellers who want to increase their visibility online, and we think its probably time for you to take notice! Not only will your real estate listings display much better as video tours, but they will also serve to dramatically increase your marketing reach and SEO results on the web.

This is something you *may* want to pay a bit of attention to as a real estate seller, especially in-light of this particularly interesting time for the real estate market

In reality (realty?), real estate video tours take the concept of the virtual tour (a similar baseline premise – better quality listings online) and amplify the benefits up to the Web 2.0 level by allowing you to reap the incredible rewards of web video distribution with each of your property listings – something a virtual tour by design simply cannot accomplish. You see, virtual tours are stuck to the page theyre posted on or linked to. Video content has legs.

Since your video tours can be distributed posted to the numerous video and podcasting destinations around the web, the most compelling immediate benefits youll likely be amazed by will be reflected in terms of SEO results when starting with video online. Interesting, eh?

As a matter of fact, well-distributed and keyword-rich video tours will often help you to quickly rise to the top of the most relevant searches in the most relevant locations on the web, wherever your potential clients could be searching:

  • Search engines like Google will list your video tours as relevant results for organic searches
  • Web video sites like YouTube will return your videos as targeted results for real estate searches
  • Podcasting sites like iTunes will index your videos as podcasts embedded with your keywords

You see, a well-tuned real estate video tour distribution strategy can seriously help to immediately improve your own websites organic and direct referral traffic from search engines, while also offering your video listings (your properties) in as many places as possible online in order to get them in front of your potential customers. In truth, video provides much more then just a better view of your property listings. Video is rather a sure-fire way to gain a dramatic increase in visibility within this currently saturatedand highly-competitive industry landscape.

As you can probably see, the benefits of using video extend well beyond simply providing a better representation of your real estate listings online – video tours are actually an entire web marketing and SEO strategy within themselves. Something to think about? Well we certainly think so.

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